Joining our Skybox Group has many advantages for you. And the best is, there is no cost to join the Group and it’s completely SPAM FREE because the public group chat is disabled. But be aware, you can join our exclusive Group ONLY ONCE in a Lifetime. That means, once you leave the group you cannot join again. So it’s really recommended to stay in the group if you want to enjoy the following advantages in the future.


1.) Get Announcements for New Products and Promos:
This means, whenever there is a new skybox available you will get a short group notice about that. Since new skyboxes always start with a Promo Price you will never miss such a promo sale again.

2.) Get Free Updates or Upgrades:
Sometimes there are Updates or little upgrades availabe, for example, additional panorama views for the skyboxes or other improvements. You will receive this new stuff easily as an attachment in a group notice. NOTE: If you are NOT a Group Member you will NOT get these Updates.

3.) Get a Group-Member Discount on ANY Prefab:
You will get a 5% discount on ANY prefab that you purchase IN-WORLD. That means, you just need to be a group member, wear the Group Tag, make your purchase on one of our vendor machines and 5% of the price will be automatically refunded.


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